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28/09/09 (B518) The report Deberkalleh / SOCIAL. (Cont ENG 8)

Le dossier complet

Plainte déposée devant le Procureur éthiopie pour l'assassinat des vieillards et d'enfants Afar à Guerrissa et dans les localités voisines
(lien avec l'article - 2005)


Second part - § 8

Complaint filed with the Attorney Ethiopia for the murder of old people and children to Guerrissa Afar and the surrounding communities (related article - 2005)

B. The reality of political management
Coming shortly to determine the absence of democracy in Djibouti at the institutional level, it seems pertinent to deepen my analysis to allow readers to better understand the reality lived daily population of Djibouti.

This will also better understand the legal or illegal methods and means customary in the scheme IOG to keep the population under its control and thus continue to remain in power.

1. Control of the People

To ensure the survival of his regime, IOG should not only cheat to legalize and legitimize the use of fraudulent and distorted constitutional institutions but must also ensure a tight control of the population in order to avoid unplanned reaction which could cause a mass movement organized or spontaneous cons his system. For this, he established a sectarian system of management and control of the population whose management is entrusted to the SDS

We can therefore say without any bias, that the poor population of Djibouti infiltrated by thousands of agents of the SDS authorized to that effect and everywhere surrounded by a multitude of ways suited to his psychology, really need to d ' be helped, by providing a minimum of instruments to make him eligible for questioning or a logical direction consistent with its interests and regional interests.

a) The Division considered the people

Like all totalitarian regimes, the IGO uses and does everything to create and maintain the division between different communities in the country. This allows him to appear as the inevitable means of unifying and conflicting wills and sometimes contradictory different tribes. Hence a real work from him and from his political police to continually and regularly create points of dispute more or less severe between the various components of the country. To do this he does not hesitate to use their cultural particularities.

It activates and promotes the atavism and specificities of these tribes to better confuse and divert their thoughts and attention on something other than analysis of the deplorable living conditions in which this regime has plunged.

For this scheme is therefore a matter of life or death, because the more the people of Djibouti is divided, the more it serves the fundamental interests of IOG and its system. That is why a large percentage of activities and budget of the political police (SDS) are directed towards this area. In addition, members expected to be from these communities are also put to use and quick to misrepresent or infringe the habits, customs and traditional right of the people, in the sense of division.

The SDS when it was used for this purpose, means the state and misinformation, manipulation and corruption. Generally, when one sees the weight of the budget and deliberate nuisance in the service of such an operation, we understand the importance of IOG for the creation and maintenance of an antagonism between different tribes, such as:

Afar cons Somalia (Issa, Issak, Gadabourcis)
Cons Afars Issas
Somali Issas cons
Issa Issa cons
Cons Afar Afar
Somali Somali cons
Oromo Afar cons
Oromos cons Issas
Oromos, Somalis cons
Amhara Oromo cons
Tigreans cons Oromos
Amhara against Tigreans
Tigreans cons Somalis
Tigreans cons Afar
Ethiopian Eritrean gvt gvt cons
Ethiopian Somali gvt gvt cons
Eritreen cons Somali gvt gvt
Eritreen gvt gvt cons Yemen
Arab gvts cons Eritreen gvt
Africans gvts cons Eritreen gvt
Europeans gvts cons Eritreen gvt
U.S.A. gvt gvt cons Eritreen

As it has perfectly nomadic psychology of these people, it is also not hesitate to easily export the phenomenon of division beyond the borders Djiboutian including Somaliland and Ethiopia. There is therefore no doubt qu'IOG happens to change his ability to undermine a national to a regional plan.

That said, we will not display on this last point, since it will be discussed in detail later. In general, we need to know that all this mafia system established by IOG, is largely to maintain the phenomenon of division, division, this rift between the different components of the population of Djibouti.

This division of people is maintained by the regime, not only in the tribal but also socially. Indeed, the Government of IOG promotes a number of families (from all tribes) to whom he gives his blessings, allowing them to fraudulently enrich themselves while doing everything to keep other families, that is to say, the majority of the population in need and abject poverty.

This is orchestrated and implemented in a pattern and a very hierarchical organization that first link uses a diabolical political management of social deprivation but also the establishment of other control measures such as people, no human freedoms, the primacy and pervasiveness of security agents (SDS) in the population and, as the management of partisan and corrupt administration and information plus the prohibition and the fight against all forms of structured real opposition against the regime.

b) The management of social deprivation

IOG, is strangely convinced that the more the people are destitute and needy, more personal interests will be safeguarded and expanded.

He believes that people are deprived of everything, nobody will have neither the time nor the means to seek to block his political evil. Indeed for him, people must care or direct their activities and energies on research and basic necessities such as food, clothing or care and not care to criticize or to organize try to oppose his management of the country.

To do this, he first began to starve the population, doing everything that the living standard of national decline very seriously, by not paying regular staff but with delays of several months, minimizing wages of all workers using systems of payroll deductions by not paying more pensioners by removing benefits and a host of other measures in this direction. This situation that has unfolded over time lead by the fact that, over time, the majority of the population has slowly recovered in need strict.

Only beyond this phenomenon from 500 to 800 families (from all segments of the population of Djibouti) which are an integral part of the mafia system and that help to capture the national resources. Note that it is above all IOG and families converge fraudulently any money from the Republic of Djibouti. In return for their privileges, 500 to 800 families, helping IOG, to control the population, but also involved a disinformation foreign observers, foreign embassies and international agencies in Djibouti.

These people working directly with the SDS in any case national, regional or international. Thus, nationals of these families are placed in positions of decisions throughout the administration, diplomacy, organizations and commercial companies, national and international NGOs as well as in departments where they can easily divert and impunity money as: the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Commerce, the Ministry of Telecommunications, the Ministry of Transport, the Ministry of Maritime Affairs and National Bank of Djibouti run by the brother of Madam President (Mr. Djama Haid) .

IOG has therefore allowed his family (they are his own, although they are not all of his tribe) to fraudulently enrich themselves, their request to hold and control the rest of the population through the necessity in which it is immersed.

Indeed it is the responsibility of each head of these families have under his orders or less under its influence a court, clients (sometimes hundreds) in the population. Being in need and have no source of regular income when they have to support their children, these people are really difficult to oppose the wishes and orders of the heads of families and manage their misery.

Thus we are witnessing Djibouti to control immoral and Machiavellian a large proportion of the population, since the capo-IOG plans are responsible for distilling Dropper their benefits (fraudulently obtained) to those that they consider worthy to view the services they provide, or they undertake to make the benefit plan. For this to Djibouti, there are rigged elections, deaths and unexplained killings, of opponents who rallied to the regime suddenly, secretly or openly, and many other manipulations of various kinds.

On another level and as an accompaniment to this phenomenon, IOG has developed or distorted, the humanitarian objectives of a number of social organizations. The latter directly connected to him through the SDS, maintain and participate actively in the scientific management of poverty popular is the case:

• The O. N.A.R.S. which is the National Refugee Office.

• The A. D.E.T.I.P. which is an organization that receives development aid for programs of United Nations and is supposed to promote and provide financial support for small development projects to small private entrepreneurs Djiboutians.

• The A. D.P.I.F. which is supposed to take care of family planning but instead of dealing directly financially support the regime and its nomenclature. The direction of this association is guaranteed by a Member (Mr. John) who is also an elite agent of SDS, it is often sent on a mission to Ethiopia (Dire-Dawa & Addis Ababa) by IOG himself as President because he is from Dire-Dawa.

• A multitude of NGOs qu'IOG, helped create and he told his men.

• The merits of using the National Bank for Development.

• The multi-order pharmacies tribal, professional and administrative staff. Those agencies whose leaders serve themselves first in the first, involved a great deal to keep the people in need and distress, contrary to the will of donors such as the United Nations Program for Development, the Ministry of French Cooperation and the International NGOs who are convicted of helping Djiboutians humanitarian (passive complicity ...).

Indeed, the leaders expected to leave properly and without discrimination to people in need (a huge percentage of the population of Djibouti), benefits and subsidies given to their bodies, are quite the opposite by not favoring a minority pre-designated by the SDS and the Presidency. For others, ie the vast majority of the needy, they must make proof of their loyalty by one way or another before they can receive aid.

At this level, you must know that the necessity maintained, to which they were slowly but surely driven, having reached its climax, as this process takes several weeks and sometimes over months, the poor people can not obey and perform for the regime and especially foul indignities unmentionable.

In addition, and finally on this point, these leaders also have a secondary mission which is to be paid periodically to the SDS of money predetermined by the Presidency.

For the record, it is quite common to hear especially among well introduced, managers or heads of families mentioned above, responded to the needy or service requesters dissatisfied with their ways to their ways as: "In any case, necessity is yours and the feeling of need that you feel we can steer you better at our convenience.

c) In the absence of human freedoms

In light of the facts stated in previous paragraphs, it is easy and logical to infer that all the situations described can take place in a society where all rights and freedoms most elementary not really exist. Indeed, Djibouti is governed by a police regime in the crudest sense of the term, since any case, any individual or collective action, all State decision, social and family all fall in the field of national security, without exception .

Everything must go through the S.D.S. and therefore automatically I.O.G. Only, it decides what to do follow-up of these cases are transmitted daily. The existence of such a centralized system necessarily implies the presence of agents and how important information and performance.

This also implies the existence of a fear of people and a social fear, characterized by a widespread and multiplication of measures that violate freedoms and human dignities most basic.

Indeed, it is known as Djibouti, not only that you can not express yourself freely (unless you're covered by someone who account for power up or if you are known internationally), but you can not assert your rights without exposing yourself to very serious sanctions. The latter, which may be on morally or physically very often also lead to difficulties for your entire family.

This is why we are witnessing:

• The denial of any form of legal representation and democratic by an immediate and forceful political police, either by physical intimidation or family or by arbitrary arrests, kidnappings and financial pressures or administrative ... etc..

• The denial and lack of any opposition real and capable, despite the presence of movement is called opposition qu'IOG himself participated in creating or distorting and are infiltrated by agents.
In addition to these coercive measures, which automatically apply to anyone who does not share the views and ideas of the regime, IOG to put in place a policy framework for people and ideas (Soviet Method) as the entire population must meet the guidelines and standards that he sets himself.

This system makes extensive use of disinformation and manipulation of the psychology of the nomad and that corruption and intimidation, is represented by 500 to 800 families listed below, also by R. PP (Popular Rally for Progress) party in power whose branches are spread in the population and especially by mabrazes (where to Khat) tribal, clan or social system that largely subsidizes.

In addition this device, the pharmacies and mabrazes some false opposition parties supported financially by the SDS: PRD, PND, FRU D ... etc..).

To conclude this aspect of the situation in Djibouti, he should be informed that whatever device is crowned and coordinated by the SDS, which is everywhere does not hesitate to intervene by pressure, by force or bribery by using this Indeed, the national resources. We can therefore see that the service is authorized and empowered to act at all levels of society, politics or administration. When the people we have seen further, it did not escape the vicious grip of this service.

In conclusion, it is clear that any person, organization or movement may criticize, undermine the power of IGO or jeopardize its interests and its name is immediately removed with one or other of methods of SDS

The examples on this point are so numerous, it would be difficult to make the list.

What you should know is that in Djibouti, you either adheres to the philosophy of the regime, or you must be aware and accept that you're not a man on borrowed time if you continued to reside on the Djiboutian territory and you accept exile as European or Ethiopian.

ordre des brosses à reluire
l'Ordre des
Brosses à Reluire

dessin de Roger Picon

réunit les meilleurs chantres du régime dictatorial

Bulletin n° 44
Mahdi Ahmed Abdilahi au grade de "Cireur de Pompes" - Premier échelon
Bulletin n° 45
Monsieur Ali Abdi, Ministre des Affaires Etrangères au grade "d'hyène fonceuse" - Premier échelon
Monsieur Johar, Ministre du commerce au grade "d'hyène repue" - Premier échelon
Observatoire n°B122
Mohamed Ali Mohamed (dit DIG DIG), auteur de l'article "Pour un peu plus de patriotisme" (paru dans le journal La Nation N°91 du 12/11/01) au grade de "Léche-bottes" avec mention spéciale.

Observatoire n°B127

l'ensemble des journalistes de La Nation pour un article paru début janvier 2002 et intitulé "Pour la liberté de la Presse", collectivement au grade de 'faux-culs' avec la barrette spéciale de dénonciateurs.
Observatoire n°B134
M. Ismael Ibrahim Houmed,
Ministre de la Justice, des Affaires Pénitentiaires et Musulmanes, Chargé des Droits de l’Homme, pour sa langue de bois, au grade de 'Somnifère'.

Observatoire n°B135

M. Wahib Ahmed ben Ahmed, Président du MSR pour une déclaration en faveur de la dictature et pour ses contradictions, au grade de 'Clown'

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ZAKITAHA, journaliste qui a signé un article publié dans La Nation sous le titre "Vers un apprentissage serein de la Démocratie"
, au grade de "Baratineur patenté".

Observatoire n°B146
Mme Hawa Ahmed Youssouf
Ministre chargée de la Promotion de la Femme, du bien être familial
et des Affaires sociales, pour sa plaidoirie en faveur de l'Action de Guelleh pour la jeunesse et des progrès accomplis, au grade "d'Avocat du Diable"

Observatoire n°B152a
M. Mohamed Ali Daoud
pour l'affirmation de son egagement total ainsi que de celui du FRUD-Bis aux côtés de la dictaure et des forces du mal, au grade de "Bouffon écervelé"

Observatoire n°B155

Monsieur DILEITA,
Premier Ministre, pour les injures adressées à Monsieur Ahmed DINI, au grade de "Perroquet soumis".

Observatoire n°B160
Djama Ali Guelleh, directeur de l'EDD, pour les propos qu'il a tenu contre les populations financièrement exsangues et pour les menaces qu'il a proférées, au grade de "Père Fouettard"

Observatoire n°B164
Mohamed Moussa Chehem, ancien instituteur, devenu Ambassadeur à Bruxelles, pour les propos qu'il a tenu contre les opposants politiques de son pays et pour ses notions erronnées de mathématiques, au grade de
"Flagorneur inconsistant"

Bulletin N°B173
Moumin Bahdon Farah, ancien Ministre
, ancien opposant, au grade d'Opposant fluctuant et réductible' pour les propos, emprunts de flagornerie, qu'il a prononcés publiquement en faveur de Guelleh et de son système dictatorial.

Bulletin N°B175
Mohamed Aden Waberi président de l‘ADEPF, qui a offert 50 bicyclettes à la FNP pour les aider à capturer les coupables, au grade de 'Maton Chef'.

Observatoire n°B176
Le congrès extraordinaire
de l'Ordre des Brosses
à reluire
a réuni :
- Moumin Bahdon Farah, "opposant fluctuant et réductible'
chef de file du PSD,
- Mohamed Ali,
Secrétaire Général du RPP,
- Aden Robleh Awaleh,
président du PND,
- Ali Mohamed Daoud,
président du FRUD,
- Dileita Mohamed Dileita, 'perroquet soumis'
le Premier ministre
et Ismaël Omar Guelleh.

Observatoire n°B177
Monsieur Omar AIDID
, pour avoir censuré les émissions de Canal +, au titre de 'Grand guignol'

Observatoire n°B177
Promotion de Noël 2002,
Djama Souleiman, Procureur,
Goumaneh, Ambassadeur,
Me Martinet,
au grade de "Cow-Boys de l'impossible" et Moumin Bahdon est promu officier de l'Ordre des Brosses à Reluire.

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M Ismaël Yassin, Président de la CENI pour ses propos satisfaits vis à vis de la régularité du scrution du 10/01/03 au grade de "Magicien des Chiffres"

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Me Aref Mohamed Aref pour ses déclarations publiques en faveur d'un général au passé plus que doûteux et contre un opposant politique, au grade de "Corbeau repenti"

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M. Ali Mohamed Daoud, Président du FRUD cloné, pour son engagement publique le 26 avril 2003 en faveur d'un resserement des liens avec la dictature sanguinaire, au grade "Bonimenteur incorrigible"

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M. Ali Abdi Farah, Ministre des Affaires étrangères pour ses propos au sujet de l'instauration de la bonne gouvernance au royaume de Guelleh, au grade "Camelot du Roi"

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Le Journal LA NATION,
au titre de "feuille de choux" 1er échelon, pour ses articles flagorneurs au sujet de Guelleh et sa volonté de lutter contre la pauvreté à Djibouti.

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Monsieur Mohamed Aden Douksiyé
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Monsieur Ali Abdi Farah,
Ministre des Affaires étrangères pour les déclarations publiques à l'occasion de l'ouverture des discussions avec l'U.E., au grade de "Valet de la Cour du Roitelet"

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Editorialiste à La Nation pour ses déclarations "Affaire Borrel - The game is over !" au grade de "Cache misère"

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Observatoire n°B288
Monsieur Ibrahim Chehem Daoud,

Président de l'UPR, pour son discours en faveur du maintien de la dictature, de l'asservissement de la population et d'un soutien inconditionnel à IOG, au grade de "Fayot de la dernière heure"

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Monsieur Omar "Kuul" et Madame Zeinab Kamil Ali reçus conjointement pour leurs déclarations en faveur du vote pour Guelleh au titre de "flagorneurs aux petits pieds"

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Monsieur Ali Ismail Yabé, Président de la CENI, reçu pour son action en faveur du "blanchiment" de la fraude électorale au grade d'Officier et au titre de "vendeur de salades"

Observatoire n°B294
Monsieur Ali Hassan Ali, Docteur en sciences économiques (Nancy), pour son long plaidoyer en faveru des mérites de la dictature, paru dans La Nation au titre d' "opportuniste de la dernière heure"

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Mohamed Ali Moumin, ancien directeur de l'environnement, nommé récemment Ambassadeur au Soudan, pour les propos tenus dans La Nation, au titre de "Blablateur inconsistant "

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Ali Farah Assoweh, Ministre des Finances, pour les propos tenus dans La Nation, au titre de "Courtisan servile"

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Observatoire n°B322

Monsieur Jean-Paul Angelier, Ambassadeur de France à Djibouti, pour les propos qu'il a tenu en conférence publique et qui ont été repris par La Nation au grade de " Pompier de la dernière chance" . C'est le premier européen qui accéde à cet Ordre prestigieux.

Observatoire n°B337
DIG-DIG, chevalier depuis 2001, auteur de l'article "Chapeau Monsieur le Ministre " (paru dans le journal La Nation du 16/02/06) à la dignité d'officier et au grade de "Léche-bottes récidiviste et incorrigible"

Observatoire n°B349
ABS, pour un article paru dans La Nation et vantant les mérites d'une année de Présdence ! au grade
"Trompe couillon"

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L'éditorialiste de La Nation du 29/06/06, pour un hommage appuyé à Guelleh et des formules aussi prétentieuses qu'incompréhensibles
"Ciseleur de la formule creuse et absconse"

Observatoire n°B387-A
ALI MOHAMED ABDOU, conseiller du Ministre de la Justice, pour ses attaques contre J-P Noël ABDI et ses affirmations concernant la démocratie et l'Etat de Droit à Djibouti, au grade de
"Grand farceur "

Observatoire n°B400
Chris LAFAILLE et Pierre RANCE, journalistes à Paris-Match et Europe1, pour leurs thèses négatives dans l'assassinat du Juge Borrel aux grades de
"Négatif de la dernière heure et Négatif des évidences"

Observatoire n°B414

M Youssouf Abdillahi Houssein, directeur de Daallo airlines pour les propos flagorneurs qu'il a tenu dans La Nation, au grade de "Pilote des mirages présidentiels"

Observatoire N° B 435

Chris Lafaille, journaliste au service de Guelleh, a été élevé à la dignité d'officier de l'ordre au Grade de "Grand mercernaire et négationniste incorrigible"
pour son livre sur l'affaire Borrel.

Observatoire N° B 435

Olivier Stirn, pour les félicitations que son épouse et lui ont envoyé à Guelleh à propos des législatives de 2008 et de la démocratie à Djibouti au grade de "Grande Andouille de la Dictature "

Observatoire N° B 442

MIchel Roussin ,
pour son article vantant les mérites économiques de Guelleh et l'épanouissement social du pays au grade d'
"enjoliveur des réalités troubles "

Observatoire N° B 469

représentant résident du PNUD à Djibouti, pour le soutien sans pareil, qu'il apporter à la dictature djiboutienneau grade de
"flagorneur arrogant "

Observatoire N° B 478

Président de la Commission nationale des Droits de l'Homme au titre de
"Baratineur intarissable "

Observatoire N° B 498

Ougourheh Kifleh
Ministre de la Défense au grade de
"Flagorneur du génie "

Observatoire N° B 528

est promu à l'unanimité à la dignité d'Officier avec le titre de CNDH, en récompense de l'interview qu'il a donné à La Nation. "Commandeur des Négationistes de la Détresse Humaine"

Observatoire N° B 530
L'Ing. bilan Ali Soubanneh
est coopté à l'unanimité moins une voix en qualité de membre de l'Ordre des Brosses à Reluire, au grade de "Ramasse-miettes", pour ses déclarations en faveur de l'ajout de Guelleh sur la liste des nominés pour le Prix Nobel de la Paix.

Observatoire N° B 545
Abdillahi Ainan Robleh
a été coopté à l'unanimité des voix en qualité de membre de l'Ordre des Brosses à Reluire, au grade de "Diffuseur des mirages présidentiels ", pour ses déclarations en faveur des réussites de Guelleh et du troisième mandat

Observatoire N° B 575
Francis Gillery
a été coopté à l'unanimité pour le remercier du reportage de désintoxication probable, qu'il a réalisé et qui permet à la dictature de se refaire une "santé médiatique" au grade de "Mercenaire des élites dominantes"

Observatoire N° B 575
Françoise Mouline
a été cooptée à l'unanimité pour sa mise en cause des affirmations d'Elisabteh Borrel et son soutien inconditionnel à un prêtre pédophile, condamné pour ces faits. "Danse avec les Loups "

Observatoire N° B 578
Farhat Rachad
a été cooptéà une faible majorité pour récompenser son enagement aux côtés du 3ème mandat, lors de l'interview qu'il a donnée à Africa 24, au grade de "Joueur de fifre à gelots"

Observatoire N° B 580
Democracy International
a été cooptée à l'unanimité pour le soutien qu'elle a apportée à la dictature djiboutienne, par le biais d'un rapport extrêmement favorable au 3ème mandat, signé par MM. Christian Hennemeyer, El Obaid Ahmed El Obaid, et Kevin Colbourne, L'association est élevée au grade de "Cache misères"

Observatoire N° B 631

est promu à l'unanimité à la dignité de commandeur avec le titre de "Grand Couillon de service", pour ses déclarations à l'occasion de la préparation de la journée des D.H. à Djibouti.